My Favorite War

A coming of age story
. Finding your truth, identity and loyalty beneath the propaganda of an authoritarian regime. Even when you feel there are no choices
we all have to make our own decisions.


My Body Belongs To Me

My body belongs to Me is an animated TV-series providing children (6-8 years) with basic information about their body, boundaries and sexual abuse. The aim of the series is to give children the condence to report if they experience sexual abuse, and for all children to learn about boundaries – both their own and other's.

It’s Me, you see

It’s Me, you see is a children’s documentary series that portrays children with various disabilities. It’s about children, for children. About the extra challenges in their lives and the joy of mastering those challenges. The series has participated and been nominated at several international festivals, including the Prix Jeunesse International Festival 2012. So far, we have made 30 episodes over three seasons on NRK Super.

My Mothers Farm

The Latvia trilogy: “Class Photo 1 & 2," and "My Mother’s Farm”. Three documentary films about history’s imprint on human destinies after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the birth of a new Europe. “My Mother’s Farm” won Best Documentary awards in both Norway, Latvia and Poland, and has participated at numerous international festivals. The films have been distributed for television both in Norway and abroad.