Bivrost Film was formed in 2000 with the primary objective of producing high quality documentaries and films for children and young people, for norwegian and international audiences. We develop films and series we believe are important for the times we are living in. Our productions have reached a large audience and have been nominated and won awards at several festivals.

Special focus on children

Our priority is to take children and young people seriously. To make their voices heard, understood and respected. And to enable them to develop into insightful, engaged and considerate members of society. The company makes a conscious effort to create series that draw on important themes from real life, as a counterweight to the vast amount of superficial entertainment that is currently being produced for children.

We believe that it is possible to contribute to progress in the world by telling important stories and focusing on the positive aspects of humanity.

Shadi & Nosaiba filming with Marianne & Trond
From the series "It’s Me, you See”: Marianne, Munashe and Trond, Ilze and Anna.


Trond Jacobsen
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Marianne Müller
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