Classmates. Everyone together

All children have the right to feel safe and happy at school. This is written in the Norwegian Law. So why is Lisa not feeling happy? And Antony? And Levin? Why do many children experience bullying at school? This animated series gives children insight into various forms of bullying - and knowledge on how bullying can be stopped. The series is based on recent Scandinavian research and developed in collaboration with a group of experts. In four episodes we get to see how children and adults stopped bullying and exclusion at their school.


My body belongs to Me

This animated TV-series provides children (6-8 years) with basic information about their body, boundaries and sexual abuse. The aim of the series is to give children confidence to report if they experience sexual abuse, and for all children to learn about baoundaries – both their own and other's.

My body belongs to Me is developed together with an Expert Advisory Team of Norway´s top specialists in the field of trauma, abuse and sexology.

Made in cooperation with NRK Super and Save the Children Norway.

Winner - Emmy Kids Awards 2018
Winner - Nordic Kids Media Festival 2018
Bronze - Prix Jeunesse International 2018
Winner - Gullruten 2018 (Norway´s TV Awards)

Grown-ups must Never hit you

What is Violence? And why is all violence against children illegal in Norway? The film shows that violence is never the fault of children, and that all children in Norway have the right to get help if they are afraid of an adult at home.

Nominations & Festivals
Chicago International Children's Film Festival

It’s Me, you see / Sånn er Jeg og sånn er Det

It’s Me, you see is a children’s documentary series that portrays children with various disabilities. It’s about children, for children. About the extra challenges in their lives and the joy of mastering those challenges. The series has participated and been nominated at several international festivals, including the Prix Jeunesse International Festival 2012. So far, we have made 30 episodes over three seasons on NRK Super. Season 4 is coming in Christmas 2019

Nominations & Festivals
Japan Prize 2018
Prix Jeunesse 2012
Nordic Children’s Med Festival 2011
Chicago international children film festival 2012

Solvang Times

Nominations & Festivals
Kristiansand International Children's Film Festival 2008
Norway Documentary Filmfestival 2009
Norway Shortfilmfestival 2009


Gulliver's Garden

Scientist Rookies

Pen Pals