My Favorite War

My Favorite War is the director's personal story of growing up in the Soviet Union during the Cold War. A coming-of-age tale about finding one's own identity, loyalty and truth beneath the propaganda and oppression of an authoritarian regime. With the rise of undemocratic forces today, this animated documentary is more relevant than we would like it to be.

Annecy Feature film contrechamp award, 2020
Bucheon International Animation Film Festival, special distinction prize
New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival, Feature Film Grand Prix
Latvia's National Film Award, Best Animation Film & Best Animation Director
Nominations & Festivals
Palm Springs International Animation Festival
Helsinki International Film Festival
Ottawa International Animation Festival
And many more (See project website)

My Mothers Farm

The Latvia trilogy: “Class Photo 1 & 2," and "My Mother’s Farm”. Three documentary films about history’s imprint on human destinies after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the birth of a new Europe. “My Mother’s Farm” won Best Documentary awards in both Norway, Latvia and Poland, and has participated at numerous international festivals. The films have been distributed for television both in Norway and abroad.
Gullruten, Norway 2010
Latvian National Film award 2009
the ART of the Document, Poland 2009
Nominations & Festivals
IDFA, the “Silwer wolf competition”
Thessaloniki, DOXA, Nordisce filmtage Lübeck
Guth Gafa, Global Visions, Norwegian Doc. Filmfestival

Class Photograph

Class Photograph 2

Nominations & Festivals

Mothers, Daughters, Dresses

Nominations & Festivals
Nordisce filmtage Lübeck 2011
Kaunas international film festival 2011

The Scar From Norway