Classmates. Everyone together

Classmates. Everyone together.

All children have the right to feel safe and happy at school. This is written in the Norwegian Law. So why is Lisa not feeling happy? And Antony? And Levin? 

Why do many children experience bullying at school?

This animated series gives children insight into various forms of bullying - and knowledge on how bullying can be stopped.

The series is based on recent Scandinavian research and developed in collaboration with a group of experts. In four episodes we get to see how children and adults stopped bullying and exclusion at their school.

“CLASSMATES - EVERYONE together” is part of the film universe that also includes "My body belongs to Me" (sexual abuse) and "Adults should Never hit you" (domestic violence). The films provide children with knowledge about their rights.

Episode 2-4 will be launched in 2022. 

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Warm thanks to the group of experts for invaluable input, reflections, and ideas:

Kjerstin Owren, Bodil Jensen Houg, Selma Therese Lyng, Kristin Andreassen Eide, Kristin Sofie Waldum-Grevbo, Ingrid Grimsmo Jørgensen, Ina Løkken Steimler, Terje Ogden, Jørgen Øverbye, Anita Medby, Torild Lia