My body belongs to Me is an animated TV series that gives children basic knowledge about their body, baundaries and sexual abuse. It is a collaborative project between NRK Super, Save the Children Norway, The Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs (Bufdir) and Bivrost Film. The primary target group is children 6-8 years, but it is suitable for both younger and older.

The aim of this TV series is to enable children to understand if they experience sexual abuse, to let them know that they are protected by laws, and to give them the confidence to tell an adult if they experience abuse. My body belongs to Me is developed in close dialogue with an Expert Advisory Team of Norway´s top specialists in the field of trauma, abuse and sexology. The goal is to empower children, and to give them insight that may help them.

The TV series premiered on NRK Super in 2017 (Norway´s public broadcaster for children). It was broadcasted on TV and the web during the channels “Sexual abuse awareness week”. My body belongs to Me was warmly welcomed by children, schools, parents, the press, police and child welfare institutions in Norway. It was praised for communicating a serious topic in a clear, engaging and non-frightening way, and for providing a good base for conversations with children about a difficult subject. The series was on NRK Super´s Top10 viewed list the week after the premier.

Today My body belongs to Me is available at NRK Super´s digital platform. It is used for teaching purposes in schools and kindergartens across Norway, accompanied by a guide for parents and teachers on How to talk with children about their body, baundaries and sexual abuse - made by Save the Children Norway and the Expert Advisory Team.

In 2018 My body belongs to Me won an Emmy Award, and also several other important international prizes. The series has been broadcast in many European countries.

Marianne Müller, Trond Jacobsen, Stine Kühle-Hansen, Ilze Burkovska Jacobsen