Our Method

Because sexual abuse is a complex subject to explain to children, the films and the teaching material has been developed in cooperation with an Expert Advisory Team of Norway´s top professionals within relevant fields: child psychiatry, law, education, sexology, researchers on child sexual abuse and more. The team was coordinated by Save the Children Norway. It has ensured that the TV series and Teacher Guide is in line with international studies and up-to-date childcare recommendations, and that the project communicates well with children. Including the vulnerable ones.

Expert Advisory Team

Bivrost Film would like to thank the members of the Expert Advisory Team for contributing generously with advice, experience and ideas.

Stine Cathrine Hasle

Teacher and Screenwriter

Stine Cathrine Hasle is one of the scriptwriters, and has worked with Bivrost on many projects, including "Classmates" and "Grown-ups must Never hit you”. Hasle is an authorized sexual health educator and a trained preschool teacher with further education in Family therapy, Prevention of sexual abuse and Trauma understanding.

Hasle has developed the MA course "Sexual abuse - prevention, detection and follow-up" at Oslo Metropolitan University. She now works as a lecturer at University of South-Eastern Norway.

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Tom S. Nybø

Specialist in Sexological counseling (NACS)

Tom S. Nybø s a specialist in Sexological counselling. He works as a family therapist and sexological advisor at the Family welfare service in South Rogaland. He has degrees in both Kindergarten teaching and Child protection, and has 25 years of experience from working with children and youth. 

Nybø works with challenges related to gender identity, sexuality, body and boundaries. He is part of a consultation team proving guidance to adults who are concerned that a child might be exposed to abuse.

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Anne Kristine Bergem

Medical doctor and Clinical psychiatrist

Anne Kristine Bergem is a medical doctor and a clinical psychiatrist with specialization in violence risk assessment and management. She is a special advisor at the Norwegian psychiatric association and associate professor at Oslo Metropolitan University.

Bergem has written several books for children on sensitive topics. She has also been a columnist writing about mental health issues for several specialized medias, and holds board positions for the Modum Bad Foundation, the PsykOpp Foundation and Nordic Marcé. 

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Kari Stefansen

Research professor

Kari Stefansen is a research professor at Oslo Metropolitan University and has a PhD in Sociology. She leads The Domestic Violence Research Program at NOVA, and has made studies on sexual violence and the effect violence has on its´victims. 

Publications: Sexual violence. An introduction for the social sciences (2018) 

Editor: Rape in the Nordic Countries: Continuity and Change (2020) 

Editor: Collaborating Against Child Abuse. Exploring the Nordic Barnahus Model (2017).

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Svein Schøgren

Board member of Utsattmann

Svein Schøgren is a board member of the NGO Utsattmann, a foundation supporting boys and men that have been sexually abused during childhood. Schøgren has special knowledge of abuse in a religious context, as he was himself abused from the age of 8-16 years.

Schøgren is a teacher with a specialization in journalism. He gives lectures on abuse, with special focus on the traumas of boys and men. He is a member of a competence group initiated by the Norwegian Parliament.

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Pia Friis

Kindergarten teacher

Pia Friis is an educated kindergarten teacher, and has worked in the sector for over 40 years. She is the author of the book "Barns seksuelle leker" (Children's sexual play. 2019)

The book guides kindergarten staff on how to relate wisely to children's natural sexual play. It also encourages adults to talk with children about their body, sexuality and sexual boundaries. According to Friis, conversations on these issues provide children with knowledge that in turn may have a preventive effect against sexual abuse.

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Silje Vold

Project lead, Save the Children Norway

Silje Vold was Save the Children's special adviser in the field of child protection against violence and abuse. 

She has coordinated the consultation process with this Experts Advisory Team, and has also been the editor of the Teacher Guide.

Silje Vold has a BA in Philisophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford University and MA in Development Management from the University of Agder.  

Bivrost film has collaborated successfully with Silje Vold on several projects. She was also Save the Children´s project lead on our animated short "Grown-ups must Never hit you".

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Inger Lise Stølsvik

Director at Center against incest and sexual abuse

Inger Lise Stølsvik has a Master of Law, and also has a degree in Developmental Psychology and Social Sciences. 

She has worked with children and families in various life crises throughout her professional life. For the past 16 years as the director of Smiso Telemark, Center against incest and sexual abuse. 

Books: "The Fifth Season" (2021), about methods to assist victims of abuse.

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