In development

The Bullymachine

This animated TV-series provides new and refreshing insight into the mechanisms that trigger bullying. Recent scientific studies have concluded that we for decades have taken the wrong approach to this problem, because we have not fully understood the conditions that allow bullying to develop.

The BullyMachine is based on these new findings. It will help children understand the mechanisms of negative and positive group dynamics, and how they influence and move a group as a whole – in a negative or a positive direction. 

Group dynamics are powerful, and have deeply influenced human history. Authoritarian rule is based on, and held together by, negative group dynamics. From an evolutionary viewpoint we will give children insight into human survival instincts, and how these may trigger bullying when we are put into «risky territory». How can children consciously act against these fundamental instincts?  

Understanding group dynamics better, will decrease group pressure and help children make more conscious choices. In an entertaining way this series will give children new tools to help them deal constructively with bullying.

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